Entry #21

bad news bears

2012-06-17 03:55:41 by BAZmotherfucker

So the other day, my hard drive failed ._.

My laptop went into a weird startup loop after running Windows Update, so I took it to a repair service. It was too fried for them to clone it, so I had to get a new hard drive. I got to save all my music files, but all of my programs were destroyed :[

So in other words, I currently have no way of producing any music. And it's probably gonna take quite a bit of time and money before BAZmotherfucker Productions is operational again.

An era has reached its end. But I have a feeling a new one is around the corner. I am looking upon this as an opportunity to re-evaluate my software options and experiment with new plugins. It is very possible that my production process will change significantly as a result of this, but I'm hoping to see this as an opportunity to grow.


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2012-07-04 06:12:20

Wow :T I *just* got into your music. I know you've probably looked all around, but if you haven't looked at Linux Multimedia Studio (it has a Windows version) I hear it's somewhat similar to FruityLoops. I mean, there are a lot of things similar :v I only mentioned that because it's free and Linuxy software's generally really good. That and I don't want to have to wait for another song :Y

There's a website just for finding programs similar to other ones, now that I think about it. Just if you used something else and wanted to find something free to tide you over that's similar.


2013-08-09 04:01:26

Take your time, bro. Been a fan for years.