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Hi, I'm BAZ. I play bass, drums, percussion, guitar, and a little bit of piano. But I also make techno music. Enjoy ;]

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BAZmotherfucker's News

Posted by BAZmotherfucker - June 17th, 2012

So the other day, my hard drive failed ._.

My laptop went into a weird startup loop after running Windows Update, so I took it to a repair service. It was too fried for them to clone it, so I had to get a new hard drive. I got to save all my music files, but all of my programs were destroyed :[

So in other words, I currently have no way of producing any music. And it's probably gonna take quite a bit of time and money before BAZmotherfucker Productions is operational again.

An era has reached its end. But I have a feeling a new one is around the corner. I am looking upon this as an opportunity to re-evaluate my software options and experiment with new plugins. It is very possible that my production process will change significantly as a result of this, but I'm hoping to see this as an opportunity to grow.

Posted by BAZmotherfucker - March 5th, 2012

Cropped them out of some photography that a good friend and I did while experimenting with shutter speed and some flowtoys nunchucks / lights. :]

Finally made new icons for some of my songs :]

Posted by BAZmotherfucker - February 19th, 2012

So um, I kind of just became a signed musician about a week ago. My band Summer Soundtrack just signed a recording agreement with 3boyz Records, and it's opening a lot of doors for us. But I'm trying not to turn a blind eye to my electronic music. Since NGs is my favorite place to share my creations, I thought I'd declare that I am not going to stop any time soon. I plan on bringing my laptop with me while my band is on tour and making beats during the long rides. Maybe I'll make some connections in the music industry and open doors for my electronic music as well. I'll probably be inactive for long periods of time, but I'll always try to resurface when you least expect me.

- Travis Bazanele

New NGs layout is legit

Posted by BAZmotherfucker - September 19th, 2011

I've re-exported some of my favorite mixes in .FLAC format, and they sound incredible. I figured I'd share the wealth in a .torrent: http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/668643 9/BAZmotherfucker_-_THE_FLAC_ALBUM_201 1
If you're into high-quality filetypes, you should download this and be sure to seed! :]

Posted by BAZmotherfucker - August 26th, 2011

Sorry i've been gone so long. I've been hard at work on a new tune. It'll be finished very soon ;]

It has some takes of my new 8-string in it ;]

I didn't die -

Posted by BAZmotherfucker - May 7th, 2011

Broadening horizons

Experiencing the cosmos

Singing to the stars

Transgressing realities

Exploring outer space...

Posted by BAZmotherfucker - March 14th, 2011

If you've downloaded this track previously, download again and overwrite. This is the final completed version of the track :] with the BAZ seal of approval. I was previously talking about putting together an album, but I've abandoned those plans. I don't really expect people to pay money for my electronic music, at least while I'm still producing with sub-standard equipment. This is low-budget electronic music for the low-budget electronic listener :]

<3 BAZ

Creeper Dub .mp3 Update!

Posted by BAZmotherfucker - January 10th, 2011


And ReverbNation! :D http://www.reverbnation.com/bazmotherf ucker#!

I may or may not be trying to put together an album...... i've done some work already, but there's so much left to be done, so many projects that i need to revisit. we'll see what unfolds over the next few months.

Posted by BAZmotherfucker - December 12th, 2010

I'm waiting until I have a budget to work with ;]

Sakupen owes me $500... >.>

I've talked about getting some new drum samples to work with, since mine all suck so bad... But lately I've been wondering if I shouldn't invest in some drum mics and PA equipment instead. I really want to include more live instrument samples in my music. As well as drums, this will include basses, guitars, percussion, maybe piano, and _MAYBE_ vocals.

I'll still be making techno - but it's going to be a lot more progressive, branching out and encompassing multiple styles and genres. I've just felt like I've been running out of ideas with the software alone. I want to shy away from making fast catchy techno and go for something more creative and self-indulgent. Something unique that utilizes the sounds of a lot of different instruments with experimental recording / FX treatments, as well as the usual digital synths and samplers. The drawback of all this, however, is that it's going to complicate the work that I do, and slow down the writing process a lot. Oh well :]

<3 BAZmotherfucker

Sorry I haven't put anything out in a while...

Posted by BAZmotherfucker - October 31st, 2010