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Hilarious :]

Random something I never understood about portal (that this reminded me of): if you jumped into a portal feet-first, wouldn't you come out the other side feet-first as well? Your feet are always facing the ground in that game no matter what, but if you put both portals on the floor and jumped into one, realistically you should come out of the other side upside-down.

But enough of that crap. This is a really funny flash. The duck hunt part was probably my favorite :]

Rapheus responds:

Your portal theory is correct. You will notice that I jumped in the orange portal headfirst and came out of the blue one headfirst as well. I did my homework. ;)


First fist caught me so off guard, I couldn't help but laugh my shit.

Powerful message though. Abusive relationships are a big deal.

Best first submission

That I have ever seen on NGs, ever!!
Damn good animation, I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work!

Pierson responds:

Cheers, thanks for watching! Glad you enjoyed it!

I usually hate crew flashes

But this is actually quite a brilliant take on one of my favorite samurai films, and pretty damn accurate plotwise. And with decent animation (usually too much to expect from a crew flash). I think what sold me the most was that it felt so authentic. I like that it included a lot of audio from the film. This was just so ridiculous to watch, and made me so nostalgic for that movie. Props dude, keep up the good work.

Sanjuro next? :]

GoldenClock responds:



I read the author comments first and almost typed up a rant right away,
but then I gave your flash a play, and I now see the close-mindedness of my ways. This is art, and I've clearly given twilight a poor chance.
Keep up whatever it is that you do.

Sidorio responds:

so kawaii ;3

Like a creepy disney cartoon

only with better animation lol


I wish robotnik was really that easy to kill

Recorderdude responds:

Glad ya enjoyed!

Drug trip

You are one fucked up son of a bitch................


cigs are bad

keep that shit green :]

Haha he clearly can't climb shit.

I have yet to see him reach the top of that mountain. Or make a flash that's more than a few frames on a loop. Seriously, your crew's intros are longer than your flashes. This shit is ridiculous.

KittyKrew responds:

Sry u didnt like it bud

Hi, I'm BAZ. I play bass, drums, percussion, guitar, and a little bit of piano. But I also make techno music. Enjoy ;]

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