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To be completely honest,

I thought you had this remix contest in the bag. Your mix was the most professional sounding, and it got front-paged. Not to mention it sounds fucking incredible in the headphones.
The only thing I don't really like about it is the style - and I kind of have this prejudice about dubstep in general (dubstep, drumstep, what have you). It doesn't really go anywhere up until where the robot noises come in (sounds like a robot saying "yaaaaa yayayy yayayayayaya"). There are a lot of moving parts in the sense that they're being panned all over the place, but other than that most of the parts are really repetitive and basic. Whenever I remix something, I like to complicate it with many moving parts and harmonize with the melody (many of the same tendencies that I have as a bassist). I feel like most dubstep in general ends up leaning towards a sound that is stagnant but catchy - a sound that I find very unmusical. To put it simply, I just think you could have done more with it.
The level of professionalism in this track, however, is unmatched. The drums sound brilliant, and I love what you've done with the reverb. Seriously, I would love to have drum samples that sounded that good. You should let me know what you're using - it might give me something to put some of that contest money towards ;]

mr-jazzman responds:

Well, besides the level of professionalism, etc., our opinions differ when it comes to dubstep, and perhaps music in general.

Let me explain to you specifically what I was aiming to do: My song was not meant to be artistic in its own right; it was supposed to directly compliment the action that occurred in Sakupen's video. Its stagnancy in the beginning was rooted as an introduction sequence; if you had found a way to align this with the video, you would see what I mean. Complication in this way would have only harmed the intention.

And while we're on the subject of complication: I used to feel the exact same way with music. I was a complete metalhead for many years, and I believed that the most beautiful music could only come making songs so rhythmically and harmonically complicated that you would melt in ecstasy (just check some of my older works for examples of this...like from 2007 =P). While I still appreciate complexity in a song (hell, I am a guitarist after all), my tastes have evolved. I've found that it perhaps takes more to create something meaningful from a base - that is, that you create a motif with a minimum. Literally every single sound you hear in this song had a reason and place for existing where it did. Certainly you FELT something from this song - perhaps something sinister, epic, what have you. The meaning of the song was the point, not how much stuff I could add to it to make it sound complicated and showy.

So, to counteract your opinion, perhaps there was more I could have done with the song, but this would have completely ruined its intentions. I am a little bit upset that Sakupen didn't see the intentions of this song, but there's nothing I can do about it now (and this is not to say you don't deserve it any less; you're an excellent producer in your own right, so don't get me wrong).

Thank you, however, for your review. Knowing that my production skills have increased greatly is a feat within itself.



Kinda jammed out to parts of it.

So YOU can just suck it!!

Ball sucker! FUCK you, your song is GOOD!!!! D:<

DJclimax responds:

your mom is GOOD!!!!!

Deserves a much better score

This is a really cool remix, I like how you broke everything down, and the instruments were really solid.

Lots of interesting instruments

Definitely a cool approach to this remix, I was getting down to this! Pretty surreal and different, kind of ambient and electro at the same time. I especially like the bassline that comes in around 2:23, that whole section just sounds so good. It's got a way different feeling about it than my remix. Keep up the good work!

maccormack responds:

Thanks a lot man.

Sound checkkk

This is a down ass beat, only thing is the mix plays pretty loud, its distorting all my speakers. Could use some better mastering yo. But other than that, it's pretty sick.

Love it!

Inspiring, I'mma get to work right away... ;]

There's nothing quite like kirby music

These are all great remixes, and I love how it progresses all as one song. All the transitions feel very natural. The only critique I really have is that a few of the chords in your Boss Battle section sounded a little inaccurate, particularly during the ascending part. But they're some tricky chords, and I would have had trouble with those too. I'm only picky about that because I've played the living balls out of that game lol

I was totally sitting on the couch playing snes...

...and repeating "dude that's some cool chromatic shit, I'mma have to make a motherfucker remix of that bitch".

I'mma upload it right meow >:}

Haha I saw them at warped

Definitely not my favorite song of theirs, but good cover!


Made my head bob.

Hi, I'm BAZ. I play bass, drums, percussion, guitar, and a little bit of piano. But I also make techno music. Enjoy ;]

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