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My subwoofer loves this :]

There's really nothing like a nice thick bass line, and this song has a lot of them. Especially around 4:00 where the low bass slides kind of start to mingle with the rest of the bass line. There's a lot of really good instruments in general in this piece, down to the synths and the strings (I'm envious, all my string synthesizers sound like poop). Basically, everything in this song sounds great down to the individual voices.

It's always hard to have to pick a genre on NGs when you make something truly original like this. But never let that stop you from making the music you like. I've seen too many NGs artists conform their styles to whatever is popular in the portal. I say keep this shit real. Keep it bumpin, and keep it bumpin HARD... but never lose your originality.

fergyanimated responds:

Thanks :)
Yeah, my music never really fits in to any category, so i put it in the nearest one :)
and the string VST is Adventus (google Adventus VST) its about £30 i think :)
Cheers for the good response!
Fergy =]


Alllllll up in my subwoofer :]

I love it!

I like all the trippy little samples thrown in, there's a lot of crazy sounds and voices in this song. The filter cutoffs are a really tight effect too, this track is all around BADASS!!!

typeMARS responds:

awesome review! thx for listening!

Idk, I liked it.

I didn't like the ending either, it didn't really have any resolve. It felt like it was building up to something huge.

And I thought the little snare break in the middle was a little wack-ish and uncalled for haha

But I definitely like the beginning!

JohnLeprechaun responds:

Yeah, that always happens to me. I start off really strong, and then I get impatient at the end and just kinda throw it all together

diz wack

how could anyone listen to crappy crap like this?


Gave me the munchies

Tight beat dude, I liked the slow-ass intro! I always love hearing dnb remixes of reggae music.

LuigiSounds responds:

Thanks, i do too :)

Dude MTs the shit!

And I loved the cello in this song, good cover

Aslan-Emanuel responds:

Yes! Someone who understands! Lol! But, actually, I wasn't too pleased with the cello, because it loops too soon, giving it that synthy sound. But, when it starts playing more quickly, it becomes better.
Thanks, dude!

That song was actually pretty fuckin dope

i was gettin down

Fuck yeah badass 5/4 time signature!

Hells yeah dude it takes balls to pull that shit off, good job!

pyrotek45 responds:

lol! thanks man means alot!



Holy shit I remember this fucking song!! God damn, this is such a good remix! Love the guitar in it, so fucking metal!!
This, sir, is the coolest thing I have ever listened to in my life. RESPECT.

chaosphoenix88 responds:

Thanks yo. Man this used to be the song !!! Actually the whole entire track was pretty hot. BUT definately , thanks for the feedback! Good to know someone likes it, specially when you know the airstrike is on its way to burn dis song to the ground. Good song = 0 BOMBERS!!

Hi, I'm BAZ. I play bass, drums, percussion, guitar, and a little bit of piano. But I also make techno music. Enjoy ;]

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